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What I Do

When someone asks me what I do, the answer that comes to me is simply, "I help people blossom.” For me, that means that I help people reach for something that they most likely see outside of themselves, whether that is a calm and relaxed state of mind, a healthy relationship, or the feeling of greater confidence and self-esteem.

My clients use different words for this. Some say that they feel empowered, as if their lives have opened up. Some say that they feel more passion for their work and are able to be in relationship with others in a new way. Others say that they feel more themselves, more comfortable in their skin and free to pursue what they really desire. What is common with many of my clients is that they are able to make lasting changes in the areas of their lives that matter most to them; they are able to do things that they previously did not see as possible.

In truth, I believe that what I do is help people tap into their greater selves.

It is you, the client, who makes the changes, aligning yourself with your vision and personal desires for a fulfilling, rewarding life. That means different things for everyone.

I am there to encourage you, listen, offer guidance, and draw out the strength, gifts, and wonder you have inside.